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For The Book Lovers

There is something about reading a book in the company of another bookworm. Being transported to another time, another world. Imaginations are fired, creativity sparkled as the printed word allows us to transcend from being snuggled on the sofa in the warmth of each other’s company.


Like the narrator (also the writer Mark Grist) in the video above during the poem “Girls Who Read”, I am not into judging a book by their cover. Social intercourse with someone well read, a wit and verbal versatility suggests there will not be a dull moment outside the bedroom, let alone between the covers. I am after a page turner beyond the overleaf blurb. Something to make me feel more than I am, rather than to add to the shelf of collected works above the head board.

Stillness, like watching a moment as time passes, speaks volumes the way only bibliophiles can with each other as their book shelves overflow. Though now with technology we kindle this love a little differently.


Ultimately a lover is like a book you have to read and do not want to put down when you do.

If you liked the video above, you may want to check out Hollie McNish’s poem that went viral called Embarrassed

Hat tip to Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou for sharing video.

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Mehdi Hasan Responds to Critics (A Parody)



Written by the wonderful @kingofdawah

Thanks to Tom Holland for sharing.

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Jesus and Mo Banned from LSE Student Freshers Fair


Chris Moos and Abhishek Phadnis of the atheist society at the LSE freshers fair were asked to remove/cover their T-Shirts which had the cartoon pictures from Jesus and Mo comic strip. When they refused they were marched off the premises by ten security guards. The following day they returned with the same t-shirt with tape censoring parts of the cartoon. When again asked to remove/cover they inquired which parts were deemed offensive so they could tape them too. Again they were asked to leave and escorted off the premises.

The images the guys chose were the best of satire in making a serious point:



[You can read Abhishek Phadnis post here]

The farce at the London School of Economics Student Union Freshers Fair would be worthy of a George Bernard Shaw play. When Shaw sat down with the Webbs and Wallace at breakfast time to discuss establishing the LSE the idea that satirical imagery – especially of religion – would be banned may well have had him chocking on his vegetarian breakfast.

“the youthful atheism with which every able modern mind begins, an atheism that clears the soul of superstitions and terrors and servilities and base compliances and hypocrisies, and lets in the light of heaven.” ~ George Bernard Shaw


The official response:

Statement on events at LSE SU Fresher’s Fair

Joint statement from LSE and LSE SU

At the LSE Students’ Union Fresher’s Fair on Thursday 3 October two students from the LSE SU Atheist Secularist and Humanist Society (ASH) wore t-shirts that were clearly designed to depict Mohammed and Jesus in a provocative manner.

The Students’ Union, which runs the event, received a number of complaints from other students.

The SU asked the students to cover the t-shirts in the interests of good campus relations. The society remained free to share their literature and views.

One member of the society declined to do this. The student was attended by a cameraman and it was feared that his behaviour would disrupt the event.

The SU referred the matter to the School. Representatives of the School in attendance agreed that the matter was a cause for concern and that the presence of the t-shirts was in danger of eroding good campus relations and disrupting efforts to run a Fresher’s Fair designed to welcome all new students.

LSE is committed to promoting freedom of expression and is known for its public events and wide range of speakers. In this instance, it was judged that the actions of the students were undermining what should have been a welcoming and inclusive event.

Jay Stoll
LSE SU General Secretary

Students at the fair wearing a t-shirt depicting Jesus and Mohamed “would disrupt the event.” No taking into account no one had caused a disruption, or that there was no imminent disruption about to be caused by an altercation.

Inclusivity should include satire, and the provocation to be feared is those that will use violence or even offence to suppress freedom of expression for others. Heaven forbid that Jesus and Mohammed are depicted as an image or attention is drawn to how art and satire are suppressed!

I decided to use twitter to find the LSE Student Union, and sure enough they are on there with this tweet:


I linked to this tweet here and encouraged followers to tweet a response to the actions of the Student union. The National Secular Society and Richard Dawkins among others passed the link on.

The National Secular Society has promised legal advice and support to the atheist society and other humanist organisations are condemning the Student Union action as well.

You can see the superb Jesus and Mo cartoons here – this is his latest on the LSE Student Union:


Please support Chris Moos and Abhishek Phadnis and the atheist societies on all campuses which have a right to freedom of expression even at the risk of ruffled feathers.

Update links:
Petition to sign here.

Your own image to print on a t-shirt!

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Jesus Jukes – An Atheists Response


The concept of a Jesus Juke will be familiar. It is how someone casually slips into the conversation that they are at that moment more au fait with Christ than you. Obnoxious enough done to another Christian, down right insult to an atheist.

7 Obnoxious Jesus Jukes goes into this from a Christian counter perspective. Thought I would answer them from my own heathen non turning the either cheek, you have the dirt of the earth if you like, perspective.

1) “Why do you make things so complicated? The answer is Jesus.”

Nothing like turning a situation anyone can find themselves in and saying consolation and acceptance is faith. Yet that never ends the question. Children being born with bone cancer does not strike me as the answer being Jesus.

Life is very complicated, and simplistic solutions can be much worse than recognising the complexity of a problem.

A sense of proportion to the problems in the world is invaluable to lend some perspective.

2) “You seem to be interested in what people want, but what about what God wants?”

Anyone who claims to know what God wants, and to give you a list from, is not only arrogant but possibly delusional. Treat with extreme caution and skepticism.

3) “You worry too much. God will take care of it.”

Parents who prayed rather than called for an ambulance for their children literally took this advice. If you can do something about it than do it. If you cannot than take the time to accept and move on. Use worry as an alarm call to act and think – not to procrastinate or ignore.

4) “You know, I used to talk the way you do back when I was a fundamentalist/liberal/etc.”

You really have no idea about me … Apostate and loving it. Never again.

5) “When I had your problem, I read [insert Bible verse] and everything made sense after that.”

Funnily enough that also helped me realise screwed up people like myself were writing the bible. Other books are available.

6) “I guess I just believe that Jesus meant what he said about hell/poor people/other topic.”

You haven’t read “Zealot” by Reza Aslan have you? Or the other books on historic and Christ version of Jesus. Go for it. Get the man, not the Son of God.

7) [A long, non-sequitur string of scripture references without commentary that generally involve some kind of prophetic “warning” of apocalyptic destruction that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.]

Gently head towards the exit, and do not look back … remain calm.

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Video: Bill Maher comedy highlights on religion

Bill Maher doing what he does best.


Hat tip: Sam Harris, and Jerry Coyne, and Barry.


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