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Jesus and Mo Creator Interviewed by Council of Ex Muslims Forum


Background to the London School of Economics banning the wearing of Jesus and Mo t-shirts worn by atheist student society members can be read here

My good friends at the Council for ex Muslims of Britain Forum have interviewed the artist behind Jesus and Mo.

    Could you tell us a little about your influences as a cartoonist and stylist, and in a wider sense, who influenced you in terms of your sense of playfulness towards the conceits of religion, and your satirical sensibility?

    I’m still a bit reluctant to call myself a ‘cartoonist’ even after 8 years of making Jesus & Mo. I think cartoonists need to be able to draw, and that is not a skill I would claim for myself.

    That said, as a child I read a lot of Peanuts – had a load of Charlie Brown paperbacks which I’d read and reread. I still do. I love the gentle tone of Peanuts, the mixture of innocence and worldliness, the lightly worn wisdom. Schulz was a great artist – much too good for me to declare him an “influence” in any way other than the fact that he instilled in me a love of the 4-panel form.

Read the full post here.

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