The World According To Dilly Hussain


Mo Ansar can move over (as he retweets old media appearances in the hope someone forgets his tendency to report would be hosts to the police). There is someone else unpleasant gaining a media spotlight.

May I introduce the deputy editor of 5Pillarz, Huffington Post Blogger and according to a now deleted tweet soon to be working for The Independent newspaper. Dilly Hussain.

His first blog post for The Huffington involved the caliphate. ISIS was never mentioned, as he came up with such gems as:

Rather, it is documented in history that Caliphates were the most advanced states in the world and were in fact pioneers of modern states.

The term “Caliphs” and the subsequent statement of “fulfil allegiance to them one after the other” indicates that the governing structure post-prophethood is a Caliphate. The Prophet Muhammad is commanding Muslims to fulfil their allegiance to every Caliph.

Finally, in the study which Mehdi alluded to in his article, John L Esposito and Dalia Mogahead concluded that “Majorities in many countries remarked that they do not want religious leaders to hold direct legislative or political power”. This was based on 50,000 interviews with Muslims in more than 35 countries. To illustrate how convincing this statistic is I’d like to do some maths – 50,000 in a population of 1.6billion Muslims is 0.003125%, which carries as much weight as taking political advice from the Monster Raving Loony Party.

[The Huffington Post]

An article that at no point addresses whether ISIS as a self proclaimed Islamic State and caliphate deserves obedience. He dismisses Muslims as secularists. His inability to understand sampling and weighted polls is to promote that Muslims want religious rulers and that the Prophet Mohammed promotes a caliphate to rule only.

There is no mention of the other caliphate – the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. They do not raise banners on the streets protesting their persecution in self claimed Islamic States. Much less flags of conquest quoting the Koran, as ISIS do to bring fear into the hearts of all on their bloody genocidal rampage.

The conquest of the Ahmadiyya is the human heart – starting with their own. That by serving humanity they may show the teachings of Islam. It is a preferable way to try and win hearts and minds than a brutal fascist theocracy.

Dilly Hussain has this to say about the Ahmadiyya:


He has a tendency to delete tweets, so I am grateful that people took screen shots. Another deleted one that demonstrates his world view:


The old classic rebuke if you espouse liberal democratic secular views:


Plus the added one if you are a woman:


[More on this twitter exchange can be read here]

Still, he claims to be going places:


Though as he deleted this tweet no idea if it is hush hush, or just the product of another fantasist who loves a platform. With dreams of everyone following Islam the same way, in an Islamic state.


A platform for stating that the Yazidi were only up a mountain because “ISIS demanded jizya (tax for non-Muslims under an Islamic state) from the Yazidis, who refused to pay, and as a result, were forced to retreat to Mount Sinjar in western Mosul.”

Tax dodgers rather than fleeing for their life, with no supplies?

To also again make the “normative” claim regarding goal of Muslims should be a caliphate as a state with Sharia: “More recently, Muslims find themselves under pressure again due to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham’s (ISIS) declaration of a Caliphate. The concept and obligation to work for a unified and borderless Islamic polity, which rules by Shariah law is a mainstream belief in normative Islam whether you’re Sunni or Shia.”

Then to promote the idea of victim hood against an oppressor that destroyed Islamic civilisation – Britain: “Libraries are filled with books authored by historians and academics who described how Britain destroyed Islamic civilisation by military force, cultural infiltration and the infamous colonial strategy of ‘divide and rule’.”

That sense of colonial guilt is one reason the left give a platform to such people, rather than vigorously defend liberal secular values. Hopefully, The Independent will see this might not be the voice to raise above others.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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17 responses to “The World According To Dilly Hussain

  1. kb72

    The world has got very weird of late but I cant believe the Independent would give a job to this loon.

    “He’s inability to understand sampling and weighted polls is to promote that Muslims want religious rulers and that the Prophet Mohammed promotes a caliphate to rule only”

    “His”, not “He’s” – (delete this after correcting if you like).

  2. Alnus Glutinosa

    He is horribly abusive and is possessed of no modicum of professionalism. I should be greatly concerned about the Independant’s ambitions to remain credible if were to waste any time on such a prejudiced no mark. Nasty little fascist internet troll masquerading as an observer.

  3. Alnus Glutinosa

    “Piss head, drunken, LIBERAL garbage”, “stupid LIBERAL COW with verbal diarrhoea”
    Firstly this is the most appallingly rude way to speak to people – the manners and conduct of your average teenage troll.

    Secondly it speaks volumes on he thinks of women having their voices heard.

    Thirdly his very clear hatred of liberalism as exemplified by the use of ‘liberal’ as an insult, is an insult to the people of this coutry whose forebearers fought tooth and nail to liberalise this country, to make it better, kinder, fairer, more inclusive, welcoming, he uses Britain’s egalitarianism as a slur against its people.
    It is appalling. He is a nasty little fascist, it may be his flag is black instead of his shirt or boots but it’s the same totalitarianism in his heart, see it in his calling Ahmadis animals, classic dehumanisation to justify inhumane treatment.

  4. Del Stone

    Awfil propaganda piece-selectivism, decontextualisation and distortion.

  5. ollie

    Is his username a coincidence? 88 is used as a code used neonazis to mean Heil Hitler as H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

    • I think more likely year of birth

      • zsivaz

        John I don’t agree with everything Dilly says. But the tweets he made he deleted – its in the past – clearly he realizes he was being a bit blunt/offensive and hence had the decency to delete. What pleasure do you get out of bringing out his dirty laundry??? I’m sure you’ve made mistakes in the past that you would not like anyone to know about.

        Criticizing his articles is fine. But bringing up tweets he deleted? You won’t admit it John but you’ve done worst things in that which we probably don’t know about – I know I’ve said worst things. If he has got a job at the independent – then I’m happy for him. I don’t have to agree with what he says and I usually don’t but I respect the progress he is making.

      • I do not have to be charitable to genocide apologist, sexist, religious discriminators when exposing their thoughts.

        That you believe they are victimised for being exposed is quite remarkable.

  6. John I dont really see how he is a genocide apologist thats quite a big claim to make- care to elaborate?

    Some of the tweets he wrote were in response to previous tweets aimed at him which were equally as offensive.

    • As you cannot be bothered to read the link provided above, where I part quote what he said about the Yazidis, let me quote the two paragraphs for you:

      ‘The U.S. carried out targeted airstrikes against the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) in Iraq over the weekend, under the guise of ‘humanitarian intervention’. According to Barack Obama it was a “necessary” intervention, “When we have the unique capabilities to help avert a massacre, then I believe the United States of America cannot turn a blind eye.” The “massacre” which Obama is referring to is the persecution of the Yazidis, a mysterious indigenous Kurdish minority who have historically lived in north west Iraq.

      ISIS demanded jizya (tax for non-Muslims under an Islamic state) from the Yazidis, who refused to pay, and as a result, were forced to retreat to Mount Sinjar in western Mosul. Some media outlets are stating the number of Yazidis stranded in the mountains without food and water is 50,000, whilst others have stated no more than 5,000. All of this, unfortunately, is not the crux of my article.’

      Massacre in quotation marks, underplays the threat to life, suggests tax avoiders not fleeing for their life.

      Apologist for the actions of ISIS.

  7. tempodulu

    He’s basically a jihadist who doesn’t have the guts to admit so – i.e. a coward.

  8. Nathan Stott

    His Sunday morning performance on National Television was a Car crash. He doesn’t represent moderate Muslim, he is an extremist with massive prejudice towards the U.K. I found him deeply offensive, in view of respect for the fallen.

    • I’ve no concrete idea if he was invited through ignorance or design, but then again the BBC used Ansar when everyone knew what he was up to.
      With Hussain, I got what I expected, but I was actually more fed up with Peter Owen-Jones who trashed British history in a kind of ashamed manner. While he was saying this I knew what would happen. I looked at Hussain who was grinning like a Cheshire cat. It fed completely into the radicalisation rhetoric and here was a white, British clergyman doing it for him.

  9. Nathan Stott

    I’d like to know what other people thought he was offensive on “BBC Sunday Morning Live”. I wouldn’t want to challenge him as he is far too aggressive, you can see the hate in his face. EXTREMIST. BBC what are you doing?

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