Video: Ahmadi Persecution In Pakistan

How the murder of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan, labelled as apostates by extreme clerics calling for their death, is why in UK we must oppose such justification for murder being preached here.

(Note video does show aftermath of a massacre – but the horror of ideas made real needs telling).

Yesterday I wrote how the Luton Islamic Centre published a paper stating those that leave Islam must be killed. This poisonous idea incites murder, and needs to be challenged. We cannot let fundamentalists lay a theocratic narrative to kill apostates, and only react when we start seeing ex Muslims being killed in the UK.

Ignoring fundamentalism does not make their indoctrination and dissemination of ideas disappear. If you really think challenging extremism is aimed at inciting violence against Muslims that says more about you than me.

Islamism and Anti-Muslim hate both need tackling

The fundamentalists are killing Muslims. These are crimes against humanity. The thinking behind apostasy punishment is to prevent freethought, a plurality of opinion. Individual conscience is suppressed by fear of death.

This needs counter speech. But more importantly, free speech cannot tolerate incitement to murder others for not conforming to another’s views.

I am not prepared to wait and see ex Muslims being killed in the UK, when we know what fundamentalists are capable of. Nor Muslims that stand up to fundamentalists being so either – as happens in Pakistan when challenging blasphemy laws for example.

The dangers are real, and we cannot ignore what is happening and what may yet come by saying nothing.

Thanks to Qasim Rashid for sharing video.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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