Asghar Bukhari and the Missing Shoe #MossadStoleMyShoe

I cannot imagine the horror of waking up to find your shoe stolen. No sign of forced entry. Naturally your first thought of such a violation, which is worse than the theft of a shoe, goes to the people to blame. Jews. Except, of course you cannot say that. Say Zionists. Even without proof, you may get away with that:

The battle is joined at last for Asghar Bukhari in the struggle against an international conspiracy of Zionists. Despite the lack of proof. It has cost him a shoe. You may be forgiven for not knowing about this person. Despite the Zionist reference hinting at someone who runs off at the mouth with hatred, you may want to empathise at someone who claims to be being harassed. Free speech means you can say nonsensical things, and not deserve to have your shoe stolen from you as you sleep. I totally agree.

That though is where my sympathy ends, and hopefully I can show you a few more examples of the hatred Asghar Bukhari expresses on Twitter.

Shoe shinning – that and other rather choice words are his mo on Twitter to insult people. Notice in 2013 people were beginning to wonder – is this carrying on about creating a media profile? Skip forward to this year see if this is still how he responds to people.


For Bukhari, evil bitch, zio-bitch, zio nazi bitch – trademark insults. Best response is to turn the other cheek. The attempt here is to make political and military conflicts all about religion. Classic fundamentalist point of view. One as head of MPACuk  he is prepared to advocate. Speaking of that organisation:

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee have used their website to reproduce material taken from the sites of both David Irving and The Heretical Press (a far right publisher based in Hull)… Often when Islamist organisations use far right sources it reveals a deeper antisemitism. The Muslim Public Affairs Committee’s reproduction of material from the far right sits on their website alongside open support for Holocaust denier David Irving, accusations of Zionist media and political control, lists of Jewish donors to New Labour and an investigation into whether the Talmud is “the most Powerful and Racist book in the world”. In one example which neatly illustrates the growing commonalities between political extremes, the Islamist Muslim Public Affairs Committee published an article by Professor Kevin MacDonald – who appeared as a witness for David Irving in his failed libel action against Professor Deborah Lipstadt – on the subject which is currently of so much interest to the far left and the anti-war movement: the “International Jewish Origins of Neoconservatism”.

A much longer conversation follows, regarding how Bukhari operates in the real world and social media to intimidate others.

Hopefully by now you are getting the full measure of the man. Such as it is.

Think we all get the gist by now.

So #mossadstolemyshoe was set up – to tackle his antisemitism, expose it to a larger audience. To highlight the hatred this self claimed “defender of my people” uses.

The best one I saw though was this:

How has he responded to all the attention? Like there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Indeed haters are going to hate. As we can see above.

Update 14/6/2015

Here is the video …

You can hear my thoughts regarding the video, on the Godless Spellchecker podcast here

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4 responses to “Asghar Bukhari and the Missing Shoe #MossadStoleMyShoe

  1. I’ve always considered Bukhari to be a loon, if not unstable, but this was strange.
    I joined in the jokes quite happily and then laid off a bit when I considered that he might actually have a real paranoia problem.
    Then joined in again, when he defended his Facebook post on Twitter later in the day.
    That last post from him, seems that he is suggesting that he was having a laugh all the time.
    So what does that mean? He was fooling all of his followers who, if you look at his Facebook replies, were actually quite serious in trying to help, defend and agree with him. Or were they all in on it, in order to fool the evil west and zionists?????
    Or is he finally getting it, that amongst his followers, there are some very stupid people that he wanted to show up?
    I’ll await his youtube “explanation,” but whatever the case, he did provide a good creative Twitter laugh on a slowish day (apart from the Dallas thing).
    And I hope he finds his shoe.

  2. As he once strangely said to Douglas Murray, during a Sky to-and-fro, “you smell of fish.”
    He certainly has his own pong right now.

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