Jose Mestre – facing a brighter future

The man without a face finally had the operation to remove the tumour in 2010.


The rumour on the Internet was that he passed away on the operating table years ago but there was no confirmation, it seemed appropriate to do a blog to be up to date. Jose Mestre is by far the most read post on this site: who out of deference to his mother being a Jehovah’s Witness refused treatment for a tumour as a child because he may have required a life saving blood transfusion in a critical blood loss situation. It continued to grow and was on the verge of killing him.

Here is a video covering the operation that he finally had in America:

Further news from ABC here.

As I wrote in 2007:

One would hope that no one would point to Jose Mestre and say that his faith is a testament to a sacrifice to god, and shows the power of belief. Myself, it shows how religious belief can manifest itself as a delusion. I would hope that if a 14 year old in present day Portugal had a similar condition then the law would be in a position to make him a ward of court.

Blog: Jose Mestre – the living impact of refusing blood transfusions

The government of Portugal did at least pay for his treatment in the USA. The crucial thing that changed was his sister becoming his legal guardian, thus giving her the advocacy rights to be proactive in seeking the treatment he needed to save his life.

While there will still be psychological issues, I do wish him and his family all the best.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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11 responses to “Jose Mestre – facing a brighter future

  1. olubanke

    I wish Jose and his family especially his sister a wonderful life! God bless them!

  2. adela

    i wish i could see his photos like what he looks like today…

  3. To Jose sister. You must be an angel from God to be so patient and care beyond anything. Wish you both the best and God bless.

  4. christina

    Hi, I hope Jose is doing much better. I have seen the documentary and it is very touching. To Jose’s sister, you are so amazing, so kind and loving. and always there to defend your brother no matter what….you are truly an angel.

  5. Tryfon

    To the British tourist, who helped Jose so much, whoever you are, you are an amazing person. Although nobody says anything, I ssume that you paid for everything without any financial or other gain. OAOU!! I hope you find as much happiness as you have given Jose and much more because you deserve it.

    The world needs more people like you who can recognize the important things in this life.

  6. Renee Jarmon

    There is a GOD….if you ever questioned it….Jose didn’t

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