My Conversation with Robert Spencer via Twitter

The challenge I wanted us to have with Robert Spencer took place for me with him unplanned on Twitter today.

As mentioned in recent posts I support absolutely free speech and was against the Home Secretary’s decision to ban Robert Spencer and Pam Geller from entering the country.

I wanted them here in the UK so we could challenge them and hear directly from them.

Instead via twitter ended up having an exchange with Robert Spencer.

I am going to leave it to you dear readers to decide what to make of the exchange today. Which started with Robert suggesting Maryam Namazie was only critical of Israel and not Hamas:


The photo included above was this one:


The exchange continued:


The link Rob gave above is here and my quote below comes from there




[Clarification after posting: The 1/2 in the above tweet is “first of two parts” with the second part below – Israeli deaths in 2008/9 Gaza action was 12, of which 4 due to friendly fire]




My article criticising Mo Ansar and Mehdi Hasan on Israel



Link to Robert airing Srebrenica genocide as a conspiracy here and most recently here






Charming man is not the first word that comes to mind. Rather than debate issues or take into account what is said he would rather smear others.

It is true I support free speech, but my bedfellows are not ones who wet the bed and call it a conspiracy against them when we point out the stink they have caused.

Follow Up Blog: Huff and Puff on Srebrenica Genocide Denial

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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6 responses to “My Conversation with Robert Spencer via Twitter

  1. His comments are, from where I’m sitting, actionable, John. Not to mention bloody lazy. I get tired of those who fall back on anti-Semitism, anti-black, anti-disabled, anti-whatever whenever their cherished minority positions are intellectually challenged. Wholly unacceptable.

  2. It’s a pity that Rober Spencer provides ammunition to those who assert that the charge of antisemitism is used to deflect criticism of Israel. Even if your points about Operation Cast Lead are not fully fair or accurate (and I really don’t think I know enough to comment) such a hyperbolic response from RS is unhelpful.

  3. Unfortunately, I was never employed on cracking Enigma, so I can’t follow that conversation, if that’s what it is. Do they do evening classes in Twitterese anywhere near me – south Birmingham? I can manage morse code and Basque.

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