Sex, Intimacy and God

The idea that sex has a spiritual aspect is not confined to a Christian perspective. In Tibetan Buddhism thinking, orgasim ranks with sneezing and being asleep as a spiritual moment. Shannon Ethridge argues that intense sex (think a married person copulating on photocopier with a work colleague) has replaced a spiritual need for real sexual intimacy with a loved one. The ultimate loved one being the Christian God. Though if there is a God, I kind of feel he screwed us all with a one night stand and, I certainly was not conscious at the time to give my consent for their act of procreation.

Does the entangling of arms and legs and the exchange of bodily fluids scratch the human itch for intimate connection? Or is sex just the closest thing we can imagine to what we’re really craving: a deeper spiritual and emotional connection, both with our Creator and with His creation?


Looking at sexuality through a spiritual lens, and vice versa, is not a new concept. In the Song of Solomon, a man’s and woman’s desires for healthy sexual intimacy are celebrated. In the book of Hosea, God uses the analogy of a husband’s relentless pursuit of a sexually unfaithful bride to illustrate the depth of His own passion and commitment to His people. God obviously knew that “sexual metaphors” would teach us about ourselves and about Him.

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I did ask her via twitter why we would go to the bible as our guide to sexual intimacy, and the sexual metaphors regarding, when we have passages like Genesis 19:31-8. Here Lot’s two daughters, having survived the destruction of Sodom and Gormorah, over two nights take it in turns to get their father drunk so that they can have sex with him and have children. Their reasoning being that there are no god fearing men around to have children with.

Not expecting a reply soon.

Think best that the bible is left alone when it comes to sex and relationships. Given it’s content, that would be the top shelf.

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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  1. To answer your question regarding Genesis 19:31-38 and sexual ethics, it’s worthwhile remembering that the Bible records both actions that are good and actions that are sinful – the Bible doesn’t attempt to whitewash the stories of even it’s greatest heroes. In the process of reporting events, the Bible doesn’t always comment on the morality of an action in its immediate context; sometimes it just states what happens, and relies on interpretation within the broader Biblical canon to assess whether it was an example of what to do or what not to do (the linguistic culture of Hebrew relied far more on assumed context than English does). In the case of the events of Genesis 19:31-38, at no point does the Bible affirm them as ethical. One test in the Old Testament for whether a particular person warranted reward or punishment is to examine their legacy. Lot’s descendents fathered the Moabites and the Ammonites, nations known for their enmity with Israel. That’s a pretty strong indicator that the actions of Lot’s daughters were condemned, not approved. So, if we’re using the Bible as a guide on sexuality, Genesis 19:31-38 is useful as a clear example of what not to do.

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