Mo Ansar and The Truth Teller Twitter Account

I write this with a sense of dread. Not because I do not have evidence to suggest that Mo Ansar may have been using an old account of his on twitter to hassle and berate his critics, while it talks him up. That a twitter account called “@The_TruthTeller” used to be called “@MoAnsar2” can be clearly demonstrated. That it became suddenly active, after a long absence, just before Mo Ansar reported Iain Dale to the police on 1 April 2014 for racial and religious hatred for banning Mo from his radio show and calling him a “gobby prick” on twitter. The police, and TellMamma which monitors hatred towards Muslims, both dismissed his complaint.


Evidence here that the account @The_TruthTeller used to be called @MoAnsar2 in a tweet (you can change your twitter name as both have here, but the tweet will contain your name as it was in the body of the original message). Also that Ansar used to feature prominently in the name.


That can further be shown that this tweet replying to MoAnsar2 in 2011 shows the current name as of yesterday of @The_TruthTeller


Mo Ansar alleged anti-Muslim harassment and abuse by Iain Dale for twitter comments on 22 March 2014. The @MoAnsar2 now called @The_TruthTeller after what appears to be a long hiatus of a few years becomes active on the 25 March beginning it’s praise and defence of Mo Ansar.


An example of @The_TruthTeller account shrilling for Mo Ansar to put pressure on police investigation and LBC. Which might have looked self serving if done as @MoAnsar2


He has also phoned critics employers to berate them for similar accusations of racial and religious inspired hatred on twitter. So the message is clear. Mo Ansar believes he can take on critics with slurs about being trolls/harassers and use the law to intimidate. A sock puppet is usually a very easy way for someone to do all this with anonymity, usually deniability. This looks rather difficult for Mo Ansar to do.

You might say well it is just a massive coincidence that an account was called @MoAnsar2, that it changes it’s name to @The_TruthTeller and then becomes active to spend all it’s time defending Mo Ansar and searching out his critics on twitter during a time when Mo Ansar is considering criminal charges.

The behaviour though for me reached a sour point here:


Comparing a historian to a psychopath that killed children. Out of order as accusing Mo Ansar of being a pedophile (which Mo Ansar has put on youtube incidentally, challenging someone that tweeted him that accusation, in a phone call he made to them). Mo protested he was joking and not being serious but absurd about Tom Holland.



Lacking credentials, mysterious twitter accounts, trying to make criminal charges against critics, slights at those that disagree. Mo Ansar you are absurd.

Thanks to Jeremy Duns who gathered evidence on @The_TruthTeller and shared on twitter. After his prediction that the account would close itself down after his expose, it duly did so claiming a professional campaign against Mo Ansar.


Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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14 responses to “Mo Ansar and The Truth Teller Twitter Account

  1. I’d be upset if someone compared me to Michael Gove as well.

  2. Mark

    The list of “Why aren’t you….” tweets actually sent a shiver down the spine. If this is him, what sort of mentality are people dealing with?

  3. What a laughable tosser this Ansar person is, let us all laugh at him, heartily: ho. ho. ho.

  4. One thing omitted from the article. The Truthteller account denied any connection to Mo Ansar and even knowledge of who he was before the Majid Nawaz and Ian Dale sagas.
    (account deactivated so not viewable. Screen grab, anyone?) This despite being initially called Moansar2.

  5. What strikes me, and is in no way a detraction from the veracity of your contention, is why has none of this been brought forth in the national press? Isn’t it about time it was, as Ansar seems to have established himself quite niceley in the public psyche, challenge free.
    If you google the man, you’ll (as you no doubt know) find thousands of words on his deception. That this isn’t on the front pages, particularly after his egregious take down (on the pathetic weakness shown by the lib dems I need not contribute) of Majid Nawaaz, amazes me.

  6. Further to my previous, when I asked I’m if he’d ever considered politics(as this seemed a natural progression in his self promotion) he replied “modestly”there’d be no way.
    When I expressed curiosity at this, I was met with dissembling, which I gave no thought to , at the time.
    In retrospect, I wonder if it’s a fear of the very -I’d say inevitable- exposé I mentioned previously?

  7. @DowHeater

    The man is busy being an Imam, Educationalist, Legal Advocate, Marriage Cllr, Visiting Lecturer, only qualifications required were soc accounts lol

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  9. There have also been suspicions about a Twitter account called xtc_uk (Ann Fields), and this suspicion was raised several weeks before ‘Truth Teller’ was exposed.

  10. Hypatia

    Oh my goodness, that list of 8 tweets beseeching people to jump to his defence is too creepy for words! Won’t somebody please think of the momo!?
    He calls himself Momo!? I mean, seriously! Come on!
    I am astounded at the narcissism on display there, I wonder how highly he rates on the psychopathy scale, highly I should imagine.

    He puts me in mind of the cringey authors who rate their own books on Amazon and slate their fellow authors using sock puppet amazon accounts.

    The big fat pompous arrogant fool has really embarrassed himself this time.

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