Top Ten Posts 2012 and thanks

As this month and next are the time when contenders for awards for the past year vie for each other, and thank those involved, here are the top ten most read blogs that were written in 2012 in descending order:

Islamic fundamentalists gunning for Malala again (as if once was not enough)

Darwin Awards 2012 – too young to include? (Supposed age criteria not applied – no email reply yet as to why)

Jose Mestre – facing a brighter future
(finally has operation for face covering tumour after fear of blood transfusion due to Jehovah’s Witnesses)

Genital Mutilation of Women in Malaysia

Sir Patrick Moore dies at 89

Seven Year Old Beaten to Death
(Child beaten to death for failing to memorise Koran in UK)

Doug Wright Facebook Viral Post
(Friends voting against his rights as a Gay man)

Sex, Intimacy and God (better relationships with partner and god via the sack)

Richard Dawkins Foundation remove post (inaccurate information on other religions and Christmas/Christian similarities taken down after Facebook users point out)

Malala Day – 10 November (the Taliban failing to silence her, the world community came together to make her message heard).


Special mention to Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, Andrew Copson and the British Humanist Association, Council for Ex Muslims, International Humanist EU, and @NoFGM for retweeting blogs. Also special thanks to Henmant Mehta for crediting me for stories he picked up from the blog – a very nice touch.

Then there are the comments and reblogs for 2012 so special thanks to those that stand out for continual support are John Zande, R.L Culper, Gary William Murning and Glen Carrigan. Cheers guys reassured me people were reading 😉

Retweets on twitter and facebook posts allow a far bigger readership to know about these things than otherwise would have been possible. So a big thank you to all readers that did so who I may have missed.

Appreciate you all reading, and getting involved. In the words of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation complaints division “Share and Enjoy!”

Article written by John Sargeant on Homo economicus’ Weblog

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